Driving in St Lucia

Basic Requirements

The minimum age to rent a vehicle (for insurance purposes) is 25 with a minimum of 3 years driving experience. To operate a vehicle on the island as a visitor, an international driving permit or a temporary local permit costing $20USD ($54EC) will be necessary. This permit is valid for 3 months, but is needed regardless of the rental duration.  

Road Conditions

The roads are safe to drive but are mountainous with varying levels of elevation. Driving is on the left side, similarly to the U.K. The two main roads that cover the island are paved two-lane roads, with the west side being more scenic. Where as the the conditions of the roads are adequate for the level of tourism on the island, the significant storms over the past years have lead to minor depreciation; we advise that you exercise caution as you drive. An example of such would be a fair amount of pot holes (more notably near the shoulder area of the roads); hitting one of these pot oles wile driving at high speeds can easily lead to a flat tire or a beat up rim. 

Basic Navigation

Starting from the Hewanorra International Airport(the starting point of most visitors), you can either take the Viex Fort-Castris Highway, which takes you to the east coast side of the island; or the St Jude Highway, taking you to the west coast side. Once you set upon either road you'll find it hard to get lost as they each head north, stick to the road and you'll reach your destination.

Extra Insurance?

Determining whether or not you need additional insurance in a foreign country like St. Lucia can be a bit tricky, but once you know how the basics work you can make an informed decision concerning your needs. There are basically two levels of insurance that you should be aware of: 

Liability- The coverage you would be entitled to if you, as the driver, cause damage to someone else's body or property.

Direct Vehicle Coverage- The risk of damage or theft of the rental vehicle itself.

St Lucia

Helen of the West


This "Helen of the West" was dubbed its title after being fought over by the British and the French 14 times. Our history has left behind a wide array of varying cultures, making this travel destination a fresh experience for even returning visitors. Here's a short video on our history by Expedia.

Ranks and Ratings


St Lucia has been ranked #3 in Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations ,#3 in Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean ,#8 in Best Caribbean Beaches ,#14 in Best Islands in the World and #30 in World's Best Places to Visit ; giving travelers too many reasons to visit our humble island of beautiful people.

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